Yurt Reality

Today is New Year’s eve — I’ve completed my move to Boston, I just had dinner with my parents, we’re sitting around our tree and listening to the Beatles. Things couldn’t be better because I’m no longer counting down towards my funding goal for the yurt — we’ve far surpassed what I need to acquire the wool and get it ready for felting!

Yes, that’s an image of counting sheep, however, I will sleep easy tonight given all of the amazing support of my backers. With the start of 2010 I’m excited to get going on making my rewards for all 101 people! How humbling and amazing — I can’t wait to get felting! If you want to get involved please drop me a line — this yurt dream is coming true in 2010 everyone — look out 😉

2 Responses

  1. YAY! Way to go Kate!! It’s gives me a warm feeling to know you reached your goal and that I had a small part in that. Can’t wait for updates on how the yurt is coming along. You’ve garnered a lot of press along the way and I’m sure that will continue as the yurt is built. Good job!


    • Thanks so much, Susan! I’m so so excited that it was successful — I can’t wait to get felting!

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