Shout Outs


For everyone who remained anonymous in the fundraising process, and thanklessly gave — I love you all!

To those below who requested some Yurt Love of your own — you are awesome!

Kate Roberts

Mei Li

Christina Maria DesVaux

Francine Crawford

Stephanie Niloff

Neil Bardhan

Jessica Valenzuela

Michael Pokorny & Kate McGraw

Will Crawford

Craig Austin

David Pokorny

Mike Brown

Jen Wei

Kurt Kohlstedt

Jordan Taler

Susan Swartz

Vicki Stiefel

Heidi Lorenzen

Carol Hanulcik

Molly Mahoney

Stephanie Adamowicz

Gary and Jean Pokorny

Susan Ashbrook

Daniel Zaccagnino

Marya Globig

Jazmine Malik

Nancy Bennett

Jonathan Gass

Harriet Lewis

Chris Danzig

Sara Friedlander

Charlotte Lewis

Beverly Haddon

Wendy Brittain

Jessica Lai

Jacob Sills


Jules Pieri

Susan Zimmerman

Kielley Young

Toru Nishikubo

Akiko Seki

Mizuka Seki

Jesse Chan-Norris


Cyndy Grimm

Jeffrey Lee

Barbara Jamieson

Sam Wiggin

Andrew Fichte

Matthew Siegel

And some special thanks go to those below:

To my parents who encouraged me to get 500 pounds of wool, nearly kill their lawn, and destroy their house.

To Courtney for driving ten hours to help me felt the prototype — proof that it works — both our friendship and felting.

To Nate Houghteling for making the awesome video for my yurt fundraising site — Portal A is the best 🙂

To Sam for crunching the numbers for me — calculus is not my business, thank goodness you can work Excel formulas.

To Noah who reminded me how to rhyme by re-naming my first Yurt Newsletter the “Yurt Alert.”

To Thyra Heder for illustrating the yurt in ways I never could have imagined!

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