No Words

Well no words might be a bit of an exaggeration…I have words but they’d all end up in capital letters if I had my druthers! Today was a huge day for the yurt! I woke up this morning at my parent’s house in Boston prepared for a day of last minute shopping and seeing Avatar in 3D when I began emailing and answering queries on the yurt — low and behold, Ready Made magazine posted on their blog about the project by none other than the Editor-in-Chief. So exciting to say the very least especially as there are only 9 days left to fundraise [we’re at 82% and I have faith we will make it]!

We come home, make a big family dinner, we open our allotted one early present each, we hang out around the tree, which is Tim Burton-esque this year…the usual. My Blackberry gave me the dreaded “battery too low for radio use” sign and for the first time in years I thought, oh well, and put it away. Of course, karmically, CRAFT: then posts about the yurt too! Beyond.

I can’t believe the amazing, outpouring of support for this project — it invigorates me and my love of the yurt — I can’t wait to make it reality with everyone’s help. So humbling. Thanks to everyone and Happy Holidays!

3 Responses

  1. Happy Holidays and good luck with the rest of the fund-raising. I’m so excited for you and your project. Made my donation today. WOOT! Then tweeted and FB’ed.

    How awesome that Ready Made and Craft are helping spread the word!

  2. Your project sounds amazing! Have you looked at non-monetary donations, like actual fiber?

    • Hi Heather! I have looked at fiber donations — I’ve inquired specifically about yarn for my “rewards” that I’ll be making all my donors and then also about more feltable unscoured wool that I could blend with the Dorset I already have! Any ideas? I’ve had no luck so far…

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