The Mill

I’ve fully sourced 200 pounds of fleece from the Bartlett Farm in New Hampshire and we’re busy negotiating how best to maximize it’s feltability by blending it with other, finer wool too. The mill where all the cleaning and blending is going to take place is an integral piece of the whole process, it’ll all get done at the Connelly FiberDreams Processing Mill in Temple, NH.

The mill is above and is fully functional though not quite finished aesthetically. This is where Jennifer will clean, card and blend the wool.

That’s Jennifer! She has been critical in helping us troubleshoot multiple issues in this process that we had never ever thought of.

More machinery — through this process I hope I learn how all this works, however, for right now all I know is that the wool comes out clean, in batts and will be blended to perfection!

Above are some of Jennifer’s flock of babydolls — the sheep breed has the cutest smile and they’re so curious!

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