Busy Sunday!

Today I made some major headway on the yurt’s donor rewards because I had the energy and extra hands of my new yurt intern, Cady! As of last weekend I had finished all of the individual mini-yurt gifts and had begun work on the sets of 15…but still had hundreds more mini yurts to go! Today, Cady came over around 1 and with the help of delicious pizza from Picco downstairs we managed to finish 4 sets of 15! Many were already done but I finally had time to sew them all together into wonderful pieces of wall art!

Cady is a fibers major at Mass Art, which is one of the coolest art schools there is. I’m probably one of the world’s worst teachers but she caught onto the min yurt “pattern” in no time after I failed to explain my process correctly — seriously, worst teacher. Thank goodness crochet has some regularity and predictability to it!

Look how beautiful they are! So exciting!

Get ready donors — these awesome pieces are coming your way soon!

2 Responses

  1. Yay they look great! It was so nice to meet you today, I look forward to more yurt-ing in the near future! (ps. Canada won. Lame.)

  2. those lil mini yurts look adorable…=) like little ski-snoods for mice …lol

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