Peabody Essex Museum

At the Peabody Essex Museum yesterday we saw some amazing woolly pieces I had to share. We drove up there around lunch time to see the Iris Apfel exhibit before it closed this weekend — which was a great decision, her clothing and style is inspirational! The museum had organized the exhibit into five theme rooms one of which had to do with outfits for winter weather. It wasn’t my favorite of the five but it did have the wonderful coat below.

How wonderful is that big woolly coat? Honestly, it looked like roving that was lightly felted and sewn into a jacket…I imagine there was more to it but I have no idea. So beautiful! We also went to another exhibit that was up, Trash Menagerie, which was all artwork made out of trash/recycled materials and low and behold I was able to see one of my favorite sculptors, Michelle Lougee’s work up close! She appears to also be making very similar amoebic mini-yurt-esque wall art pieces but out of knit or crochet plastic bags, both black and white — they’re amazing!

What a great day! Now up to NH to work on the yurt!

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