Slow and Steady + Rewards

Today I was humbled by my largest donation to date that brought the yurt to 70% completion on Kickstarter — so we’re getting there! 18 days to go. It’s interesting — I’ve watched countless other projects on the site grow over time — especially those that launched around the same time mine did. Some have been recommended by the site itself, others have gotten similarly amazing press, others are being conducted by previously established artists, authors, etc. who have online followings already — each one grows with its own style and pattern: really fast and successful off the bat, all at once and then ultimately unsuccessful, slow and steady and successful, or gradual without success. I like to think that my project will be slow and steady AND successful. I have 18 days left to raise just under $1,800 and I’m hopeful that the spirit of the holidays will motivate lovers of the yurt to pledge their support. By far the best thing I’m doing, which is actually motivating a lot of great conversations, is writing people one at a time and seeing what they think of the project and if they’d be willing to support, impressing upon everyone that every dollar helps, no donation is too small. That said, I wanted to post a little picture of one of the rewards, a little mini yurt that I made this afternoon in the monsoon that was New York 🙂

Isn’t it so cute! I know it sort of looks like a medieval helmet in this picture — I’ve been asking for a nicer camera for Christmas every year for 3 years…but it gets the point across. It’s a crochet little house — with a door! Imagine this guy 10 feet tall — how could anyone resist supporting the yurt 🙂 Tell your friends — lets make it a reality! Also, check out a great article on the project from Dornob Design today!

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  1. Just found your site, and am thrilled. Wish I could contribute to the insanity, but scratch is hard won at the moment. I have built a $35 mini yurt in the past, and love giving myself huge challenges. Way to go, and will be follow along closely.

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