Woman After My Own Heart

One of my favorite things is coming across people who are also crocheting/knitting with large “yarn” or things that they improvise as yarn! Via Design*Sponge last night I came upon Jean Lee of Ladies and Gentleman. Jean is making what she calls the Mega Doily seen in the photos below out of cotton rope.

Look how beautiful that is! It would make a great carpet for — you guessed it — the yurt!

As someone who tries crocheting with every cord she sees I feel like Jean and I would get along. Her pieces though are far more intricate than my mini-yurts!

One Response

  1. Wow! I love that you are creating a yurt. I just read about it in a magazine. I don’t remember which on because I had a stack of about twenty. This is so awesome and it would be a great rug in the yurt!

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