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Sheep Philosophy
November 29, 2009

Another piece of yesterday’s adventure included a trip out to The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn with my mom to buy some more roving for her scarves. Turns out The Yarn Tree is now also selling meats that are locally sourced, additive/chemical free, etc. We got talking about meats as my mom and dad have begun getting theirs from local farms in New Hampshire — the most recent was a half a pig — and so are into this whole localvore movement. I turned around and spotted this sign on the wall and had to take a picture.

I think that that could sum up a portion of the Pokorny philosophy of life! Interestingly the owner of The Yarn Tree has a large scale project of her own with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road efforts — might not be a bad idea to tell him about the yurt!

Mini Yurt!
November 29, 2009

As it’s Thanksgiving my whole family’s in town and we went to MoMA yesterday to check out the Tim Burton exhibit as well as the Bauhaus one — per usual though I stuck my head into the room of cool design stuff and I’m very glad I did as I came upon this little mini-felt home by Hill Jephson Robb.

He made it for his 7 month old niece after his sister died to emulate the womb and I think it probabl does a fair job. It’s felted wool and 1.4m x 1.4mx 1.2m. It’s was awesome!

A Yurt Would Be Easier
November 23, 2009

Today over at Funtasticus they posted a slew of knitted bodysuits…seriously. It inspired me to post because I think of the yurt as a woolly alternative to literally knitting or crocheting yourself into a human shaped suit!

I mean, this guy does look quite warm but not quite as mobile as he could be.

You can’t help but laugh to see these guys in their suits — they must be so snuggly but I still think a yurt might be more fun!

40% Complete
November 4, 2009

Awesome job everyone — we were just pushed over the 40% mark for yurt fundraising at Kickstarter! I’m so humbled by everyone’s generosity and the outpouring of support by total strangers too — it’s AMAZING!


HUGE blue ribbon to everyone who has pledged their support and if you’re waiting for the right time — now could be it! Thanks so much for spreading the yurt around to your friends too — it means the world to me!