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Visualize a Yurt
October 12, 2009

I’m hearing some feedback that people can’t visualize what the yurt will look like when it’s finally complete — totally understandable. When I went to my friend’s new wool importing and knitwear trunk show last Thursday I was expressing this concern to her and she kindly introduced me to her friend Thyra Heder, who is an amazing illustrator. I described the yurt to her and we organized an exchange — a crochet hat for a drawing of the yurt!


Posted above is the one that I feel most accurately represents the yurt and can help people get what’s coming when this project is complete — you can see the door and the smoke-hole at the top. So exciting! Dream on…about yurts!

Yurt of Dreams
October 12, 2009

If we build it people will definitely show up…

That was what we learned this weekend at the NH Wool Arts Tour:

We went to five of the six stops on the tour, met with Jennifer from the Mill, got some great ideas for where to source our fiber from AND learned there is a wool shortage in the area so we’re going to need to work fast!

While the weekend was intended to skirt all the wool we already have (200 lbs) that wasn’t possible to complete as we didn’t know the cut off for too dirty to clean…but fear not, we have until January/February to get it all done — I have faith that that’s plenty of time!

Thanks to everyone who is sending the Yurt Alert around the internet — I couldn’t do this without you!

Pics to come tomorrow when I’m back in New York — keep telling your friends!

Molly Made
October 8, 2009

Another piece of yurt love to share from Molly Made! Molly is a performer with a yarn habit as well and via friends and family she was introduced to the yurt project yesterday — and boy am I glad! Not only has she brought newfound attention to the Yurt Alert but she’s also fun to talk to about the project — she’s as excited as I am!


Molly makes amazing crochet accessories and knitwear — you can find her, if you’re in NYC, at Crafts in Chelsea next weekend!

Green the Lean
October 6, 2009

They say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” — but what about gentle mocking, does that count? I think so! And thanks to my friend Anthony I can now say, I’m being mocked, in a good way. Today he posted to his satirical blog a post entitled, “Green the Lean,” which made me laugh out loud, read it to my whole office, and need to post it here — the full text is below. I still take the yurt just as seriously as ever though!


According to wikipedia “a Lean-to is a free standing structure of three walls and a sloping roof with an open side sheltered away from the prevailing winds and rains. Often it is a rough structure made of logs or unfinished wood and used as a camping shelter.”
I constructed my first lean-to when I was 13 years old. I was on my vision quest under the tuteledge of my Shaman guru Archduke Francesco Frederique. It was nightfall and I was about an hour due east of Puerto de Luna, New Mexico and the desert winds began to kick up…. I needed shelter. Remembering the words of Frederique and summoning all of the might of my newly found power animal I began to gather brush and construct the first of many many lean-tos that vision quest.
That night I built more than a three walled shelter made of unfinished logs and wood, I built what I would later realize was the foundation of a movement…
Though everyone knows that Lean-tos are adequate structures for protecting one from the elements, many people fail to see the environmental damage they wreck on our planet. My project is to build the world’s first self sustainable lean-to or “green lean” as I like to call it. It is my hope that with this project I can kick off a revolution that will shake up the long stagnant self-constructed three walled hut industry for the better. But I cannot do it alone, I need your help and support. In the coming months I will track my progress as well as the pitfalls of taking such action but I am confident in the end we can all “GREEN the LEAN!”and in turn make the world a better, greener, healthier, 3 walled place.

Yurt Love
October 5, 2009

Thanks to Christina DesVaux, founder of the coolest new Uruguian knitwear company, Textura for posting about the yurt today! Yay for kickstarting my project — you guys have raised $475 so far!!! More than I ever could have hoped for!

A house and a book « Textures of the Journey_1254777239697

Kickstarter Fundraising is Live
October 5, 2009

I know everyone has been waiting with anticipation to find their own way to get involved with the yurt other than by coming to New Hampshire and learning to felt — well now you can! I’ve launched my fundraising site through, a great crowdsourced funding startup that enables creative projects to be realized. You can find my page here and you can choose your reward for pledging your support as well!


Thanks to everyone who can help out in advance — tell your friends, coworkers, family, etc. I’m excited to get this going!